Yellow Dog Bread Salad Mushrooms, Onions, Lonzino, Arugula, Vinaigrette  11

Stone Fruit Salad   Greens, Raisined Beets, Asian Pears, Blue Cheese, Pecans  10

SANDWICHES (side included)

Beer Brat Rutabaga Slaw, Pickled Red Onion, Dijon  10

Fish Sandwich Flounder, Ham, Duke’s Mayo, Greens  12

French Dip   Roast Beef, Gouda, Tobacco Onion, Dijon Creme Fraiche, Jus   12

Fried Bologna   Hoop Cheese, Texas Pete, Voodoo Chips, Fried Egg   9

Pastrami  Gouda Cheese, Beer Mustard, Sauerkraut,  12

Ham and Cheese   Apple Mustard, Mixed Greens, Hoop Cheese   11

Butcher Grind Burger Lettuce, Pickled Onion, Hoops Cheese, Duke’s Mayo  10

Grilled Cheese  Apple, Pecorino, Gouda, Duke’s Mayo  12


Purple Potato Salad   Dilled Beets, Carrot Salt, Herbs

Chicken Salad   Rutabaga Mostarda, Chicken Skin, Herbs

Mac & Cheese   Smoked Paprika, Breadcrumbs

Bag of Chips   Zapp’s New Orleans Voodoo Chips

DESSERT   2 ea

Hand Pies   Elderberry Preserve, Fresh Apple, Puff Pastry, Sugar

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